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I can make you even more beautiful.

My name is Terry Kawashima. I was rigorously trainee in Japan the decades ago. I can solve every problem you face with your hair.

     *Thin hair? I'll cure that with a special cut and perm.

     *Too much hair ? I'll reduce the volume with shears and make your hair smooth and 


     * Curly hair? you will love my Japanese straight perm.

I use state-of-the-art Japanese deign to give you a fine ,delicate cut. Not only will your cut last, but the texture of your hair will change for the better.  Try and see if you don't love the results.


Terry Kawashima

My clients come from across the nation for precision haircuts.

Let me improve how beautiful you look.

when you look attractive-others respond positively to you.  You deserve to look your best

please make an appointment for a style or a consultation. call or tex

I look forward to meeting you 

Terry Kawashima


Appointment only Salon.  Please call  ahead, Counseling is available. Any question about your concern lets solve before the appointment

comfortable and Very private atmosphere. please fell free to call ,Tex, or Mail us.

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