COVID-19, Finally we can be carefully opened 
We have to ask all of our clients to ware MASK 
Stylist will ware one as well
Entire salon will be sanitized , We confirm your appointment a day before , Please feel free to go to online booking, As of August 19th 2021
We are only taking only Hair Cut for a New Client / No Other services for New Clients 
For while There are no space to accommodate you lately if you are the new client who need other than cut services We may have to cancel the appointment you made /This will last til further notice
Pls be careful this applys only for new clients
Schedule is very tight but we do our best to accommodate you. If there are no opening 
Pls try to check back again it might be some cancelation spots will come up.

Hope everyone stay safe, See you guys soon 
Thank you for understanding
Terry/Owner Stylist
Hair Rhythm


japan Style Salon

Cutting client's hair is a fine art in Japan. it comes with a high cost.

After graduating from beauty school in Japan, it takes five years of interning before a graduate can cut an actual client's hair . After learning in school and observing and absorbing techniques in a salon, a stylist possesses a very high skill level.

Because of their skill. a Japanese haircut lasts longer than other cuts. A Japanese stylist knows how to work with varying hair textures to precisely flatter each customer's face. 

Get and authentic Japanese hair cut. Once you do. no other haircut will satisfy you .

If you have a problems with curly hair and want beautiful, straight hair , try our Japanese Straightener. This Straighter will amaze you . It's the latest technique from...
Japanese Straightener
4 hr
$230- pc varies


​           Color/カラー


Men's cut/男性カット








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